Aries Background


Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

Woman Traits Personality & Characteristics

The Aries Woman

Women who belong to Aries zodiac sign are very independent and do not rely on anybody for anything. They have in them, all that requires to lead an independent life, without depending on anybody for any help. She will be the one always ready to lead and initiate.

She does not get broken down by failures and has the strength to move on, despite any number of difficulties. At times she can be like a child, immature and stubborn. If she wants something she has to get it, just like a child. They are playful and adventurous, always looking for new sources of fun and excitement. She is strongly focused on her career and works hard to achieve success in life. She is very encouraging and inspirational, pulling up people from their failures and setbacks.

She is frank and honest and will not hesitate to express her opinions, be it positive or negative. She does not compromise on her standards and will always be willing to work hard to maintain it. In relationships she looks for a partner who can take care of herself, is independent but at the same time someone who accepts her authority.


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