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Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

Moon in your Horoscope

Moon in Aries - Traits, Personality & its Meaning

An Aries Moon in your horoscope means you will always have a child in you that never grows up, and rushes instinctively into any challenge without considering whether or not it has any purpose. Moon in Aries is playful and fun-loving, seeing life as an adventure. Perhaps compulsively competitive you may look to any situation as an opportunity to pick a fight so that you may have a chance of enjoying the sweet savour of victory. Your competitive instinct could usefully be channeled into sport. If it appears too frequently in ordinary daily life you could easily make enemies for yourself and disrupt happy relationships. That would be a pity as your enthusiasm may attract many others towards you.

Combining the subtlety of the Moon's feelings with the energy of Mars (the ruler of Aries) can lead to stormy emotional outbursts and an argumentative nature. Losing an argument may lead you to feel insecure so you always try to end up the winner however devious the means of getting there. Drama queens (of either gender) may have Moon in Aries. Your close associates may stay with you for the excitement of the roller coaster ride, but they may easily feel hurt if you insist on ending up the winner in any situation. They either need to develop a tough outer shell, or, better, observe rather than identify with their hurt feelings, and then calmly talk to you about how they feel so that you can get some sense of the reactions you stir in them.

Sex can also seem like a contest for Moon in Aries, so that any partner who desires a slow sensual approach to love-making is likely to be disappointed. In relationships you are more likely to keep a partner who is able to stand up to you. You can stand defeat if the battle was honorable and well fought by both sides.

If you are a mother with an Aries Moon you are inclined to encourage independence in your child and may be impatient with normal childhood demands.


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