Aries Background


Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

Man Traits Personality & Characteristics

The Aries Man

An Aries man loves adventures and fun. They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm in them and are very brave. They have enough courage to venture into unknown territory and achieve what they want. They will never be wasting their time being lazy or lying around.

The enormous amount of energy they have in them will always keep them on the move, looking out for new sources of fun and adventure. They are very hard working and self determined to achieve their goals and ambitions. If they want something they will sincerely pursue it with full determination to achieve it.

They have great ideas in them, and also the required energy to convert those ideas into reality. It is very difficult to match his pace of energy. However they can also be very stubborn at times and rigid. They will not be willing to listen to anybody and will take a stand and stubbornly stick to it. If they set their mind on something, nothing can throw them off their track.

They have a very short temper and gets angry and irritated very easily. If someone breaks his trust it will be impossible to regain it as he does not forgive and forget easily. However as a partner and husband they will be very caring, supportive and responsible.


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