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Aries Love Horoscope Today

Monday: April 12, 2021

Today's Love: Your life is unfolding beautifully,Aries. Today's moon will illuminate your sign, while simultaneously linking up with coquettish Venus, planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and values. Despite whether you're single or already attached, this sizzling synergy is encouraging you to step into your fullest potential (physically, mentally, and spiritually.) Keep in mind: This divine-feminine conjunction is also reminding you to cultivate more self-love in the process. And ironically enough, you're going to need it, as Luna will also clash with powerhouse Pluto in your bossy tenth house of authority. Perhaps some of you have been struggling with control issues that stem from insecurity? It's time to surrender.

Today's Dating: Someone is being a total monster today, and no, it's not you! Of course, you have to deal with them, and it might take all your patience to resist the impulse to knock them into next week!

Aries Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Tuesday: April 13, 2021

Tomorrow's Love: Your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars, continues to sizzle through your intellectually savvy third house of communication, thought process, and double-taps, and you're taking action towards your desires, fearlessly and unapologetically. Feeling flirty? With today's moon transiting through your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, and value systems, you're more concerned with themes revolving around your sense of security. This, however, will be challenged by serious Saturn via your experimental eleventh house of freedom, community, friendships, and social media. For some of you, this could trigger you to step outside your comfort zone, especially once rebellious Uranus joins forces with the moon. Is it worth the risk, Aries?

Tomorrow's Dating: You don't mind a challenge, and today brings a sweet one -- maybe work-related, maybe romantic. You may not want to attack it full-on, though, so get to it in a sneaky way.

Aries Love Horoscope Yesterday

Sunday: April 11, 2021

Yesterday's Love: You're mingling, socializing, and flirting your little heart out, Aries. And despite whether you're single or attached, one thing's for sure: You're making a dazzling impression on your peers, both socially and virtually. So, if you've been entertaining the thought of experimenting on a dating app, or perhaps exploring your horizons via different social networks, the cosmos is working in your favor. More importantly, today's new moon in your sign is here to energize, invigorate, and motivate you in more ways than one—so consider this your cosmic cue to step up to the plate, and manifest the love story you crave.  

Yesterday's Dating: It's the perfect day to make a bold move. If you don't say something. that new cutie might just wander away! Don't let that happen if you can help it, which, of course, you totally can.


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