Aries Background


Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

How To Attract

Different Ways To Attract Aries

If you want to attract Aries, then you need to match their level of energy. They do not like dull and lifeless people. They life to be around people that are fun to be with, loves adventure and are always ready to try new things and new experiences. They love admiration and praise, so shower plenty of it on them. Challenge them; this is one thing that moves them a lot. They like to be pushed to their limits. Since they are very athletic and physical, they love to play sports. Invite them for a game or challenge them for a competition. Ask them for advice.

They can be very motivational and inspiring and they like it when people value their opinion. However never ever try to dominate them. They will not like anybody trying to impinge on their freedom. Also never break their trust as they will never forgive and forget you for your treason.

The complete personality of Aries makes them a fun person to be with. They are independence loving individuals, who have the courage to pursue their dreams without any fear or restraints. They can be very good and caring friends who are always ready to help. They will never let you down when you need them. With not even a pinch of ego in them, they can be very generous and encouraging. They will be ready to aggressively defend themselves in any conflicts and firmly sticks to their stand. Even though they are childish and immature at times, they know how to be serious about things that are important in their life. They never take their profession, family, love and future lightly.

They are a perfect balance of hard work and fun. It is easy to get along with them and they will never let you feel left out or bored in their company. Even though they can be self centered at times they respect and are sensitive to the feelings of others and do not hurt them for their selfish gains. They can be manipulative at times to make things work in their favor and are good in taking advantage of opportunities.

Thus to say in a nutshell, people belonging to Aries are optimistic in their approach towards life. They love themselves and are not hesitant to flaunt their talents and qualities; however they respect other individuals also. They are not scared of the unknown and nothing can stop them from their path of adventure. They do not think before they act because action is what matters to them, not results.


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