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Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

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Aries Horoscope Today

Friday: February 22, 2019

Being diplomatic is nice, but being in control is more effective. Don't let your urge to be liked dominate your actions today. Being a team player doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your intelligence and critical thinking. Your self-esteem will be well served if you speak your mind, so start talking. There might be an intimidation factor if you're surrounded by powerful people, but don't let that get to you. Smart people admire other smart people who aren't afraid to share controversial ideas.

Aries Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: February 23, 2019

Getting your hands dirty would do you some good today. It is time to build your ideas into something solid; manifest your dreams. This could include something as simple as baking a big batch of chocolate chip cookies, or as major as getting out a hammer and nails and building a new doghouse of your own design. The important thing is to take something from the idea phase to the realization phase. Remind yourself that anything is possible. You just have to do it!

Aries Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: February 21, 2019

Get ready for the view to improve and your energy to increase—the road you're on right now is going to provide you with some easy, breezy movement for the next few weeks. This will create perfect conditions for launching your latest adventure or work project. Any conflicts or trials you encounter will be personality driven, so if you just learn when (and how) to distance yourself from aggravating people, you'll do just fine. Remember, you can always rely on yourself.


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