Aries Background


Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

Aries & Virgo Compatibility

Too many differences: Very incompatible, not much understanding

Aries with Virgo

This is a very difficult pairing to make work out long-term, as there are such fundamental differences between these two sign. Aries is a fiery go-getting leader, who does not stand still for anyone and often leaps into action without thinking about it, while Virgo is shy, cautious and thinks a lot about their what they will do before taking a course of action.

Aries is fast-thinking and fast-acting in almost every area of their life, while Virgo likes to think about everything and rarely makes any rash decision. Aries lovemaking will also be too much for Virgo, who needs to be warmed up before they feel comfortable with a new lover, while Aries just gets in there as quickly as possible.

Aries is too passionate for Virgo, while Virgo is far too cool and to critical for hot-blooded Aries, who will feel unappreciated. To work out if this has any chance of working out, the charts need to be looked at to see what other compatible factors there are.


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