Aries Background


Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

Aries & Scorpio Compatibility

Strong attraction: Some compatibility with understanding

Aries with Scorpio

Wow, what a powerhouse of an attraction there is between this couple. They will be totally consumed with each other (for a little while), with the physical attraction powerful, all-consuming and passionate. While the physical side of this relationship will be amazingly good, the rest of the relationship, however may not work out well.

Aries does not like to be controlled and will rebel at Scorpio's many attempts at control, while Scorpio will not like the fact that Aries likes to go out without Scorpio as this makes Scorpio feel very insecure and jealous.

They will argue fiercely and make up just as fiercely. This is perfect for a short-term affair, but long term, this relationship may not have great prospects. Aries will soon tire of Scorpio's possessiveness and Scorpio will hate Aries' need for independence, despite the great physical connection they have. This can work if there are other compatible factors in the charts.


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