Aries Background


Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

Aries & Pisces Compatibility

Can work: Some compatibility with understanding

Aries with Pisces

This is an unusual pairing that can work really well, if Aries can be just a little bit more sensitive to Pisces (which can be a tad difficult for some Aries, so that is why there needs to be a lot more compromise for some, which they may not be able to provide).

Aries appreciates Pisces sensuality and imagination, while Pisces loves the way Aries pursues and romances them.Romance is very important to both and they provide it in bundles to each other. Aries loves to be the dominant one, while Pisces loves to have a dominant partner to draw strength from.

They are both playful and can have a lot of fun together - wherever Aries leads, Pisces is more than willing to follow. Sexually this is a great match. This combination can work even better if there are other compatible factors in the two charts, as long as Aries can be a bit more sensitive (which is hard for any Aries).


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