Aries Background


Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

Aries & Libra Compatibility

Opposites that attract: Great compatibility

Aries with Libra

Very strong physical attraction between opposite signs, as they give each other balance and they provide each other those traits that are lacking in each other. Aries gives Libra lots of passion and fire, while Libra adores and romances Aries in a way that is beneficial to them both.

They both enjoy being sociable and going to parties and having fun. Libra loves the thrill of being chased by their dashing and exciting Aries lover, while Aries loves nothing better than pursuing their lover all throughout their relationship and since Libra is always just that little bit unattainable, Aries will never be bored.

Aries wants to lead and Libra is quite happy to follow. Aries is wild and exciting in the bedroom, which is great for Libra who needs someone to fire them up sexually. This can work really well, especially if Aries is the male (the more dominant one) and Libra the female (or the less dominant one) in the relationship.


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