Aries Background


Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

Aries & Leo Compatibility

Instant attraction: Highest compatibility, best match

Aries with Leo

These two are instantly attracted to each other. They may even feel like they have met a soul mate because they feel very similarly about many things and feel that they have so have so much in common.

They both value each other's optimism and up-font attitude and can handle each other's fiery nature, in fact they both thrive on the excitement it brings to their relationship. Both are very sociable, love to have fun and seek adventure and excitement wherever they go and whatever they do.

Aries is thrilled with Leo's generosity, while Leo loves the attention Aries lavishes on them. They are also very sexually compatible - wild Aries is more than a match for passionate Leo. The only problem that may arise is that both are very dominating and want to take the lead- if they can take turns being the leader, they wont clash so much trying to overpower the other and this means that this will be the perfect match for both.


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