Aries Background


Dates: 21 March ~ 19 April

Aries & Aquarius Compatibility

Great match: Highest compatibility, best match

Aries with Aquarius

This is a great match for both these signs. This couple has a lot of interests in common. Aries can be a little wild and dangerous, which perfectly suits Aquarius, who loves nothing more than a partner who is up for experimentation in all areas of their life.

This means that Aries is more than excited by the kinky experimentation Aquarius has planned in their boudoir antics and this pleases Aquarius no end. Aries has an adventurous spirit, which is a great match for Aquarius who needs a partner that is open to trying anything.

Both value and respect each others independence (although Aquarius can be a little too independent even for Aries at times, but it's nothing they cannot work out). They both want something unpredictable and exciting, which they have found with each other.

Aquarius keeps Aries amused with his sense of humour, while Aries is the ultimate prankster and Aquarius is one sign that can handle this aspect of Aries. This relationship will certainly never be boring for either person. This relationship is one for keeps.


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